How your playlist can change your life

Woman listening to iPodBY EMELINA MINERO

Anyone who’s faced the heartache of a breakup or sung along joyfully with a favorite anthem is familiar with the power of music to energize you, make you smile, even soothe your broken heart. But what if listening to music could actually revolutionize your mental health? Improving your quality of life can begin with selecting the right playlist, say Galina Mindlin, MD, PhD, Don DuRousseau, MBA, and Joseph Cardillo, PhD, the authors of “Your Playlist Can Change Your Life.”

But how is that possible? Beta, alpha, theta and delta are not just reminders of Greek life on campus; they are the names of brain-wave frequencies. Beta is your waking state. Alpha and theta are lower frequencies. Alpha represents a relaxed mental state; theta, the barely conscious state between sleep and wakefulness. Delta represents the deep-sleep state. You can choose music that matches these frequencies to alter your state of mind and achieve the one you want.

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