How to tell if a woman likes you

How to tell if a woman likes youBY KATHY BELGE
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Although there are no sure-fire ways to tell, here are some way to guess if a woman is interested in you, especially for bisexual and lesbian women.

She Tries to Make Eye Contact
Does she go out of her way to try and catch your eye? Do you catch her looking at you when you glance her way? These are signs that she’s intrigued, but it may or may not have anything to do with a romantic interest. Pay attention to the context. These clues are a lot more telling at a lesbian bar then in the workplace.

She Makes a Point of Sitting Near You
At work she sits next to you in staff meetings. In a group of friends she’ll take the seat right next to you or right across from you.

She Goes Out of Her Way to Engage with You
Does she always come by your cubicle at work to check in about a project that could easily be talked about via email? Does she show up at your softball games, at the club where you bartend or hang around outside your classroom when her next class is far away? These are all signs she could be into you. Then again, it could be your co-worker, boss or classmate.

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