Make your wedding glamorous on a shoestring

lesbian wedding budget sliderBY SHANN CARR

Here are some simple tips to make sure your wedding has all the panache you want without spending a Bridezilla amount of money. In exchange for saving loads of money, you will have to do some extra work.

The most common time of year for weddings is spring and summer, so don’t rule out flowers that bloom naturally in your area. A friend of mine in Oregon had a wedding when roses are abundant and she realized that about 30 of her friends and family grew some sort of rose in their yard. Early in the morning of the day of her wedding, guest after guest, brought bunch after bunch of fresh cut roses to her mother’s home. I have never seen such an extravagance of flowers at any wedding before or since. Her friends were thrilled to contribute to the splendor of her day. Her Mom and a few friends, spent the morning drinking champagne and arranging the broad variety of roses into vases with ribbons bringing a lovely continuity to it all.

Also, don’t underestimate the impact of flowering trees. The jacaranda, lilac and quince come to mind first. By using branches as long as 6-feet tall, you can strike a breathtaking frame to the area where you will be standing to get married.

Lesbian wedding on a budgetFor other mood-setting decor, click here to learn how-to make a beautiful backdrop for an altar or the head table. This is a bunch of busy work. It only requires string and wax paper, but looks beautiful and ethereal, if you make enough of it. You can do it while you watch TV.

Budget lesbian weddingWhile we’re talking crafty stuff, here is a link to cover some simple, yummy, glazed donuts with edible glitter, which looks amazing. We just did it at a wedding and the donuts were gone, POOF, like it was a magic show.

It is expected that you will provide drinks, including alcohol. That can get pretty spendy. As for hard liquor, create one fabulous signature cocktail and showcase it.

My favorite wedding drink is my own creation called the Honeymoon. It is vodka, orange (or pineapple) juice, passionfruit juice and 7-up. It tastes like a trip to Hawaii. It’s clean, crisp and distinctive. Want to make it more special? Muddle some fresh mint in water and freeze one minty ice cube for each drink.

Also, it is OK to buy a simple red and white wine without having to be too fancy. Go to Costco or Trader Joes. No one will hold it against you. Leave them with nothing to drink, and there will be a curse on your union. I’m kidding, of course.

Now, go get married.

Shann Carr is a comedian and wedding officiant based in Palm Springs.

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