Hillary Clinton officially supports marriage equality

Hillary Clinton (Photo: UPI/Molly Riley)

Former US Secretary of State, and speculated 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton (Photo: UPI/Molly Riley)

Washington Blade

Bringing an end to her previous silence on the issue, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made public her support for marriage equality for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Americans in an online video posted on Monday. “LGBT Americans are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers our friends, our loved ones — and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship,” Clinton says in the video. “That includes marriage. That’s why I support for marriage for lesbian and gay couples. I support it personally and as a matter of policy and law embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for LGBT Americans and all Americans.”

In the video made for the Human Rights Campaign as part of its “Americans for Marriage Equality” Series, Clinton says her views have been “shaped over time” by conversations and by her faith — a process similar to what President Obama articulated when he came for marriage equality last year.LGBT rights supporters had high praise for Clinton’s announcement, which comes on the heels of a term as secretary of state in which she was renowned for speaking in out in favor of LGBT rights overseas.

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