Get to know Ari Fitz on ‘Real World: Ex-plosion’

Ari Fitz (Photo via Autostraddle)

Ari Fitz (Photo via Autostraddle)


Ari Fitz is already being celebrated as the most compelling member of the latest Real World cast after just two episodes on air, and she promises there’s a lot more to come as the show unfolds. Fitz, a Bay Area native who grew up in Vallejo and attended UC Berkeley as a Physics major before changing tracks and pursuing Information Technologies and entertainment, sold her first company at age 22, before becoming a model and horror movie filmmaker.

“I’m one of the few black queer persons working in the horror film industry,” said Fitz. “In the two projects that will go live in the next 6 months, you will see different types of characters—you will see people of color, and people with different ways of loving each other.”

“The Anniversary,” Fitz’ short film about the one year anniversary of a lesbian couple, is available on Vimeo.


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