Fast 5 with Stephanie Rice

Eden Entertainment Group artist, Stephanie Rice, is a Texas born pop-rock artist who recently found international acclaim on Season12 of NBC’s “The Voice.”

Sharing her powerful story of resilience through emotional, compelling performances, Stephanie touched thousands of viewers who discovered in her a source of inspiration and hope.

After coming out to her parents at 18, she became estranged, finding herself completely alone and unwanted. She climbed the mountain of misery and successfully made it to the other side of freedom and happiness. She moved to Houston, graduated with honors in Biology at University of Houston, and entered the professional medical field where she conducted ground-breaking research involving HIV, publishing an article for the Journal of Aids. Throughout Stephanie’s time as a scientist, she continued aspiring to share her songs.

In 2016, she decided to commit to music full time, completing her debut album, “Dear Misery” with a band she formed and fronts, Colonial Blue. The album was named top 12 best albums by the Houston Chronicle. After making it to the top 11 finalists of “The Voice,” Stephanie left the show empowered with validation and support from fans around the world. She is now working on her second album.

Window or aisle seat on the airplane?
Window seat all day! Planes are good for two things: getting from point A to B and catching up on sleep. If I get to lean against the window, it’s lights outs.

If they started offering free trips to the moon tomorrow, would you go?
I would not! I get anxiety on planes and in the ocean because space and water are not my home. We are land creatures for a reason! Anything that increases my chances of dying is not something I cannot enjoy. You could say I’m a whimp, but I really just value life.

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl!! Creativity always visits late at night, and I’m grumpy until at least noon.

If you could have one superpower, what would you want it to be and why?
To live forever – we have such an limited, finite amount of time with these bodies we have on earth and miss out on so many experiences.

Finish this sentence. “I think the key to being happy is…”
being free.

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