Fast 5 with Diiamon’d Royalty

Diiamon’d Royalty is widely known in the LGBTQ+ community for being a viral YouTube sensation based on the unforgettable truth to her lyrics and raw talent. She was recently in the top 25 of Coast 2 Coast’s 2017 artist showcase world championship in Miami Beach and was picked up by Eden Entertainment Group in early 2018. After her freestyle video shortly broke the internet, she got signed to South Coast Records and has been continuing to make music. Not only is she a great artist, but she’s a dynamite entertainer.

Who is your greatest professional influence?
My CEO for guiding me under his wing and making sure I don’t become fish bait in the music industry.

I think the key to being happy is:
Loving yourself

Song I can’t get enough of:
“Boo’d up” by Ella Mai

Early bird or night olwl:
Definitely night owl.

If you can have one super power what would it be and why?
Shape shifting, so I can help the world accomplish things the people won’t do on their own.

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