FAQ: Supreme Court Prop 8, DOMA

FAQ key on keyboardBY STEVE WILLIAMS

The United States Supreme Court on Friday issued notice that it will take up two important gay marriage cases that, potentially, could spell the end of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and gay marriage bans across America.

Here are five things you need to know about the Supreme Court’s decision to take up these cases.

  1. Which Cases Are Being Heard by the SCOTUS? The Supreme Court handed down notice on Friday that it would take the two leading cases that have gay rights groups excited: Hollingsworth v Perry (formerly Perry v Brown and Perry v Schwarzenegger), otherwise known as the Proposition 8 case, and Windsor v United States in which 83-year-old Edith Windsor is challenging DOMA on grounds that it unduly burdened her in paying over $300,000 of extra estate tax on her deceased wife’s estate for no other reason than, per DOMA, the federal government is not recognizing their marriage.

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