‘Face2Face’ with filmmaker Katherine Brooks


Emmy Award–winning director Katherine Brooks is seated in that lavish Hollywood movie palace Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, waiting to watch the world premiere of her latest film, “Face2Face.” Her mother sits next to her, wearing a grin that could fill a widescreen. In a theater packed with friends, fans, and supporters, she is a world away from the suicide attempt that inspired her to create the film.

But why would this young filmmaker, who has such an enviable career in TV and on the big screen (“Loving Annabelle”), ever try to kill herself? According to Brooks, it took a combination of events to trigger her attempted suicide: chucking her reality TV career, recovering from major surgery and feeling all alone in a town full of superficial wannabes. “I had worked on a reality show that was just really soul-sucking for me,” explains Brooks, who’s also directed “The Osbournes,” “The Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica” and “The Real World.” “Between the surgery, and leaving the job I had for 10 years, and suffering from depression, it was a recipe for catastrophe.”

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