Expert advice: Saving money on your lesbian wedding

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Rita Lamar is the proud lesbian business owner of the Lamar Wedding Center, so she knows a thing or two about planning weddings — same-sex and straight. She understands how to create memorable events for every personality and save money while doing so. Rita Lamar specializes in events for couples who want their wedding day to be perfect, but not break the bank. She shared with us some tips for planning a great wedding, no matter what your budget.

Can someone plan a decent wedding on a budget?

Yes. Obviously, if you insist on having a designer wedding gown and a sit down dinner reception with a full service bar and a 7-piece band, you are going to pay top dollar. But there are many simple ways to cut down on expenses. Buffet style costs less than a sit-down dinner, a DJ costs less than a band, and you can save several hundred dollars by having a cash bar or cutting out hard liquor. There are also many beautiful gowns available off-season on clearance that are almost identical to expensive designer brands for a fraction of the cost.

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