Boosting your pre-interview confidence

Woman smiling at interviewBY SETH KARAFIN
Tagg Magazine

Are you a narcissist?

According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, narcissists perform better in job interviews because they convey confidence. A job interview is a time when you must sell yourself. The potential employer might have liked your resumé, but now they need to like you. If you’re unsure of yourself and uncomfortable, then the interviewer will sense your insecurity and discomfort. And, when that happens, your chances of being hired start to fall exponentially.

People usually think about preparing for a job interview as a set of steps to take. Conduct research, know the answers to the important questions, and be ready for a salary conversation. This is only half of job interview preparation. It is important that you walk into your interview with confidence. It’s just as important that you continue to exude this demeanor and conclude the interview confidently. You might know this expression: “Fake it until you make it.” That might be a fine strategy, but ultimately, it won’t serve you as well as true confidence.


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