Election 2012: That’s right; it’s personal


We are 27 days from the election, and the political posts are flying. Everyone has an opinion, and is entitled to it — this is America after all, and I support your right to express yourself. However, please understand that I may take it personally. Very personally. And I will lay out why in a minute.

This whole thing began after reading a post on my good friend (and amazing actress to boot) Maeve Quinlan’s Facebook wall. An actress friend of hers, Stacey Dash, came out in support of Mitt Romney and was promptly attacked online. Horribly attacked. The comments were mostly racially motivated, there were even death threats. The ladies of “The View” discussed the whole incident as well. Some (including Maeve) framed their argument around Stacey’s right to free speech. But for the most part, no one was arguing that she didn’t have the right to express her views, they were responding to her choice. And yes, the response wasn’t civilized, nor was it constructive … but it was a response.

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