Dr. Oz renounces reparative therapy


Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show” and world- renowned surgeon, author, and television personality, has publicly denounced ex-gay/reparative therapy at the urging of GLAAD and GLSEN to take a proactive stance. In a blog post Oz authored entitled, “The Gay Cure: Shame Masquerading as Medicine,” the Dr. definitively sides with the entire mainstream medical establishment by clarifying both the lack of necessity for and harmful effects of such therapies.

Major LGBT media outlets, however, have decried Oz’s decision to host a show on the topic in the first place as well as the neutral stance he took in his closing thoughts. As Oz himself stated on the show, when several prominent LGBT artists and others caught wind of his decision to host a discussion on the topic, he received backlash immediately. Maintaining that the discussion must move into the mainstream so that it does not continue “in back alleys,” Oz invited musician Clay Aiken onto the show to share his thoughts.

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