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We’ve all heard of writer’s block but this week will bring a bit of creator block as the creative energy of the sixth month wains for the next several days. Part of it has to do with the astrological Mercury in Retrograde happening now, but it’s also partly due to an over abundance of two energy cycling through the ethers.

Every day this week has at least double twos in the date and Sunday has a triple whammy. That means more inner and less outer action, for the most part. Two is the number of intuition and sensitivity. Some of us will see a temporary shutdown of our creative powers because true creativity comes from the soul, not the mind. The upside this week is that when we’re forced to stop and be still for a moment, everything starts to make sense. Six (June) is after all, the visionary number that allows us to see the bigger, broader picture.

SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014
The triple twos in today’s date has the energy feeling ultra sensitive and unfortunately distrust ins in the air today. You may find yourself a negative Nancy today, doubting yourself and others. Your skepticism is legitimate though because the energy is leaning toward a temptation to be untruthful this Sunday as the seven is in the inner or weaker position (17-eight day).

Resist the urge to tell even a white lie today because you’ll surely pay for it later in the week. The gossip queens will be weaving many tales today. Make sure you’re not the focal point of any of it. There is also a desire to be alone and you may be extra moody as well. The best advice is just to ride it out. It might just be an ice cream in bed day.

MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2014
Where, oh where, did your confidence go? If yesterday’s skeptical and distrustful overtone wasn’t bad enough, today we’re hit with a jab to our confidence levels. You’ll be questioning everything today, running things over in your mind and second guessing even the most sound choices you’ve made recently. There are two major factors happening today; first of all it’s a nine day which is the highest change number (and most active mental number) and secondly, the number of confidence (eight) is in the inner or weaker position (18-nine) making it your sore spot.

It’s hard to make changes or move forward when your confidence has been kicked in the gut but go with the flow and accept it as it is. You can’t change it just yet so roll with it. Today isn’t your day to shine and that’s OK. Tomorrow we’re gonna jumpstart the week a bit.

TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014
The clouds are finally clearing and the sun is starting to peak out but don’t get too excited just yet. There’s still that lingering hesitancy in the air that’s got you feeling like you’re on pause. If you’re more of a thinker or feeler than a doer, you’ll have an easier time dealing with time standing still because you’re thinking and/or feeling your way through it.

For the doers, it’s like energetic constipation except fiber won’t help. Mercury in Retrograde already brings communication issues but today’s date adds to it in a big way. Lot’s of strong opinions and lopsided views with the ego-based one sandwiching the black and white, right and wrong nine (date adds to 19-10-one). Everyone’s got to be right today, so pick your battles very carefully.

It truly is hump day today as we’ll be finally moving past the stagnancy of the first part of the week and slowly getting your engine warmed up again. Your intuitive radar is starting to come back online, so at least you have a sense of where you’re going this week.

Still, err on the side of caution because those darn multiple twos are making everyone touchy and edgy for the full seven days. Wednesday has double twos in the date AND it adds to a pure 20-two. By now, you’ve probably gone through your own life review in your head (Monday) and created some major outlines and lists on paper on Tuesday since everything you said seemed to come out wrong with the communication energy all funkified.

Today’s the day you suddenly realize you’ve got it all figured out and didn’t even know it. Talking to yourself has it’s advantages.

Now, we’re cooking with gas. Today is a three and it’s full on intellectual and creative juice waiting to be put to good use. You accidentally fine tuned your blueprint this week and now you’re ready to sketch out the plan of action in preparation for tomorrow’s Master Builder energy.

A three day is all about collecting pieces from an intellectual standpoint. Sign up for that course you’ve been meaning to take or go to the bookstore and get that book you’ve been drawn to. There are pieces to collect and put into place and today is the day when you’re finally putting the nails into the framework to make things official. You’re putting the wheels in motion and soon your dreams will be an unstoppable train barreling down the tracks.

Try to remain rational-strategic and not so much the eager beaver (who leaps first, thinks later), since you may be overzealous after being held at a standstill for the first part of the week. On the flip side of the three, it is the social butterfly energy so do celebrate today and call up your best buds who are probably feeling a similar sense of accomplishment on some level.

FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014
The moment of truth has arrived. We’re full on in the Master Builder energy this Friday and we’ve got no time for partying or socializing. You feel like a caveman defrosting after a thousand years and it feels good to be moving again.

Your mind, body and soul are vibrating at the speed of light. Don’t be surprised if you rise early and stay up late today with your boundless energy. You’ve got a hundred ideas poised to take flight and some were even initiated yesterday. It’s time to take the leap. You’ve been standing on the cliff’s edge long enough. This is the exact vibe that life changing inventions and brilliant master plans were created under. Run with it and don’t waste a single precious second. These days are far and few between, especially this month.

You started the week in search of your creative mojo and today you’re going to end with it not only fully intact but soaring high. Strut your stuff today, you’ve come a long way baby. With the rocky start to the week, it didn’t hold much hope of it being a salvageable seven days, but you did it.

Relationships weren’t even remotely on your radar for most of the week but today, you’re feeling a whole lot friskier as the number of the heart and emotions flows into the picture. Five is the number of freedom of expression and guess what? Your confidence is back where it belongs, maybe even with a hint of playful arrogance. You’re the “man” today and you’re back on top. Your body and soul are in perfect harmony right now so your sex appeal is through the roof. Expect to be the center of attention for the next 24 hours but you’re not complaining one little bit

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized celebrity numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/TV host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes “Twilight” vampires, a “Big Bang Theory” actress, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, an NBC director, celebrity stylist and many more.

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