‘Christmas on I-80:’ A holiday tale for you

It’s that time of year when the lights start twinkling and the schedule become packed.

Why not take a little time for yourself – enjoy some steaming hot cocoa and a short story to warm your heart?

Our own Zen writer, Miki Markovich, is offering the Kindle edition of her new holiday novella for free. “Christmas on I-80” is about love, a holiday road trip and the quest for love and acceptance.

Christmas should be a time for celebration, indulgent foods, bubbly and all things that sparkle, yet, Liz and Izzy find themselves leaving their festive home in the Pacific Northwest to see family down south.

On their journey, the couple meets hitchhikers running from the law who teach them a little bit about family and reconnect with Liz’s older neighbor who gives them the gift of unconditional love. Ready for adventure?

Download it now.

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