Gaby Christian talks marriage equality, kissing girls, perfect Friday night


Gabrielle Christian shot to fame in 2005 when she took the role of sweet, innocent and gay Spencer Carlin in “South of Nowhere.” As Spencer discovered herself and fell in love with her best friend, Ashley, the LGBT community fell in love with her.

Gabrielle, who goes by Gaby, wrote a love song for her on-screen paramour, Mandy Musgrave, called “Kissing Mandy” and frequently guest stars in queer webseries on Tello. Fans today can find her starring in the marriage equality PSA, SHE4ME alongside actress Nicole Pacent.

How did you hear about SHE4ME and why did you decide to get involved with this PSA?

I’ve been dying to work with Nicole Conn for years, and when I came across Sue Melke [SHE4ME producer] at a screening a few weeks before the SHE4ME shoot it was just perfect timing. I’ve also almost crossed paths with Nicole Pacent a few times and am so grateful we finally connected!

In 2009, you were married to your longtime sweetheart, Justin Mentzer. Has being a married person helped you see the importance of marriage equality?

Being married is more than just two people who love each other; it allows us to do so many other legal things that unmarried people aren’t able to do — like visit our partner’s hospital room, share taxes and insurance, etc. Everyone should have the right to be able to make these choices.

What was the best part of your wedding (besides the groom!)?

All of my family and friends who were by our side.

The SHE4ME PSA packs a ton of emotion into four minutes of screen time. And, because it’s set to music, you had to convey all that emotion without words. How did that affect your acting process?

Well, Jen Foster’s beautiful song was playing the entire time we were shooting so that definitely helped! I’ve watched the music video a few times now and every time I do, I come to tears. [Ed. note — so did everyone at!]

What was your favorite behind-the-scenes moment during filming?

Becoming friends with Nicole Pacent — she’s such a talent, treasure and wonderful soul.

In the video, we learn that you look amazing in a tux! Would you ever consider rocking pants on the red carpet?

Ha! I think I have worn black slacks before and, heck yeah, I would do it again, Talk about being comfortable. Let’s get rid of the damn heels while we’re at it,

Most of your fan base knows you as Spencer Carlin from “South of Nowhere.” Since that show you’ve gone on to star in “Girltrash” and “3way” and you even have another queer movie in the works. Do you think you get typecast as a queer character or has it just been a natural progression?

I’ve had to be a little more specific in what I have chosen to do, but all of the gay roles I have played have meant something to me. And I think they are all so different in their own beautiful way.

Queer fans tend to be extremely loyal. Do you still hear from “South of Nowhere” fans?

Oh, God yes. They are my rock and what keeps me motivated and confident. I am so grateful to social media for connecting us with one another.

Tell us about the best piece of fan mail that you’ve ever received.

I can’t narrow it down to just one. I’ve had quite a few young girls and boys tell me that “South of Nowhere” saved their life. I don’t think any kind of letter can get better than that.

Who is a better kisser, SHE4ME co-star Nicole Pacent or “South of Nowhere” co-star Mandy Musgrave?

Oh, man — there is no comparison there. They are both amazing. I’m lucky to have been paired up with such beauties, inside and out.

If you could co-star in a movie with any actress, who would you choose?

Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet. Kate French again? Kates tend to be the bomb.

As a married person, what are you most likely to be doing on a Friday night?

Drinking a huge class of red wine at home whilst watching a movie with dog and hubby.

Sounds like a great night! Watch Gaby in the SHE4ME PSA or catch her on Twitter to stay up-to-date on her upcoming projects.

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