Cheating: The big bad wolf of relationships


Uh oh…

Tagg Magazine

In many relationships, lesbian or not, cheating happens. A lot. But does it have to? How many times has someone cheated on you? How many times have you cheated on your partner? We hate to say it out loud, but cheating exists everywhere. Long-term relationships, short-term ones; it affects everyone, old and young. What’s with this horrendous epidemic within our close-knit community?

Level of maturity, timing and the inability to settle for an unfulfilling relationship are some factors that contribute to the chance of infidelity. Relationships can be difficult. However, the further you push down issues and the longer you stuff thoughts under your pillow and cover up your insecurities, the less likely your relationship will last, and the more likely it will end with someone being unfaithful. As we always say, talk it out and be proactive.


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Kim Rosenberg and Meghann Novinskie have been honored in multiple national publications for their work at their company, Mixology–Matchmaking With a Twist ( Mixology is an offline personal matchmaking agency exclusively for the LGBT community, with offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles and clients around the country.

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