B&B fined for anti-gay discrimination

Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Berkshire, UK

Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Berkshire, UK

Think Progress

A judge in Reading County, England, has ruled in favor of a gay couple, Michael Black and John Morgan, that was denied a room in which they would share a bed at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Berkshire. According to Recorder Claire Moulder, the B&B’s owner, Susanne Wilkinson, “treated them less favorably than she would treat unmarried heterosexual couples in the same circumstances,” ordering her to compensate them £1,800 each.

Wilkinson reacted by claiming she and her husband had been penalized for their Christian beliefs. “We believe a person should be free to act upon their sincere beliefs about marriage under their own roof without living in fear of the law. Equality laws have gone too far when they start to intrude into a family home.”

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