Ask Dr. Lonna: Why do my knees hurt?

Dr. Lonna

Dr. Lonna, fitness expert and sports rehabilitation specialist.

Dear Dr. Lonna,

I’ve always been active but recently I’ve getting a kind of grating feeling in my knees that’s been interfering with parts of my work out. It’s most noticeable during deep knee bends but I also feel it when on I’m on an elliptical or stepper. I’m in my 20s and in good shape — this is pretty new and weird. My MD has ruled out Lyme and arthritis and just suggests I take ibuprofen. Any better ideas? Could visiting a chiropractor help?

The knee, God’s message to us that we are imperfect. Sorry to hear you are having knee pain at your young age, but fear not, the cause and solution can be simple.

You didn’t mention if you have a history of trauma to your knee like getting tripped playing soccer, taking a kick to the knee or hearing a snap in the knee when jumping off a roof. Wait, that’s my life.

OK. Let’s assume no direct trauma, the pain mysteriously appeared during your workouts. Your knee cap, the patella, is like a bone island anchored in place by the quadriceps tendon on top and the patellar  ligament on the bottom. Underneath the patella is soft cartilage. A sore knee after doing squats, running, or doing the stair climber is usually a sign of Chondromalacia Patella (wearing and friction to the cartilage on the underside of the knee cap). This is caused by imbalances in the quadriceps muscle group and can be successfully treated by a chiropractor. Not just any chiropractor, but one that specializes in sports injuries and treats extremities (parts other than the spine). Call around, ask if they do Active Release Techniques, do rehab exercises, and treat knees. That would be the winning combination for you.

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  1. Teresa

    That is enlightening, thank you! Having had multiple injuries that left me limping at one time and another, I can see how I would be mis aligned, and it’s only getting worse! Since I’m in the military and the military has never been an advocate of wholistic health, I’ve always been handed a bottle of Motrin. This of course does not help. More chiropractic doctors need to lobby to join the service health care system – tricare. We should get the right kind of treatment.


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