Are superfoods healthy for the environment?

Goji and acai berriesBY ANNA BRONES

When it comes to the health food industry, there is a lot of promotion of “superfoods.” Slap the superfood label on a product and it’s sure to sell. In fact, considering that there is no legal definition of the word “superfood,” it’s more of a marketing term than anything. Superfoods are essentially foods that do just a little bit more than their counterparts. They go above and beyond, packed full of nutrition, from protein to vitamins to antioxidants. Basically all the foods you know you should be eating.

But while superfoods are good for us, just as their name would have us believe, if we’re thinking about the footprint of our eating habits, not all superfoods are created equal. As the locavore movement grows and there are more and more advocates for eating seasonally and locally, it’s important to consider where our so-called superfoods come from. If you want foods that are packed with nutrients and good for you, you don’t have to buy the stuff that’s marketed as exotic.


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