What is hypnosis and how can it help me?

Woman under self hypnosisBY JAN LEE,
certified hypnotist and nurse

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What is hypnosis?

As a certified hypnotist, I’m asked this question all the time. I love analogies, so here’s my answer:

Imagine an eight-lane highway. The cars, buses, and trucks are beeping, swerving in and out, sucking you in, making you shout (curse, maybe even gesture). It’s chaos and it’s nasty to navigate.

That eight-lane highway is your conscious mind. It’s busy, overworked, overwhelmed and quite critical.

You have a destination you want to get to, a peaceful place, maybe a park, a quiet restaurant or the beach (if you are not in Pittsburgh). That destination is your subconscious mind. It is receptive, more peaceful and non-critical. It happens to be where all your life experiences are, as well as your habits, quirks, dreams, beliefs and automatic behaviors.

Now, imagine there’s a bypass around this eight-lane highway or your busy conscious mind.

You’d take it, wouldn’t you?

Yes, of course you would!

The bypass is hypnosis. It’s a way around your conscious mind to your destination, your subconscious mind.

A hypnotist will guide you into this relaxed but focused state and give you positive suggestions for the changes you want to make. Your subconscious mind will accept these. You and your hypnotist are a team working together to rewire your mind with positive thoughts, healthy habits and behaviors.

Hypnosis is not voodoo or magic. It’s not mind control. It is a natural process. It’s a powerful tool for health.

We have all been hypnotized. If you doubt this, think of the last time you were:

  • About to drift off to sleep
  • About to just awaken
  • Unable to recall the actual drive into work because it is automatic
  • Lost in a great book, movie or song
  • Zoned out watching or playing your favorite sport or video game
  • Daydreaming at school or work
  • Making love and time stopped

These are hypnotic states. The logical mind drifts away and the deeper mind is engaged and accepting.

Now, you know what hypnosis is.

How is it done? What does it feel like? How can it help? Who is Jan Lee?

Uh, well, I’m Jan Lee. No, I am not Chinese, but I love Chinese food and respect Chinese medicine.

I’m a 52-year-old mom to Brady, my 17-year-old football-player-turned-rapper son. I’m a certified hypnotist and psych nurse. I am in business and do sessions in clients’ homes / businesses or via phone / skype (724-884-3307 / mesmereyes2). I love, love women, one particularly for the last 4 years and to infinity (not sure about beyond).

I am passionate about hypnosis. This is an incredible way we can use our minds.

As for other questions, I’ll answer those in the next article.

Meanwhile, relax and focus.

Jan Lee is a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a psychiatric nurse with over 25 years experience. Jan Lee Hypnosis offers individual and group hypnosis sessions and presentations. It was founded on the principle that health improves when we use our own innate ability to heal.

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