Another look at coming out from ‘Under the Table’

Photo via 'Under the Table' Kickstarter.

Photo via ‘Under the Table’ Kickstarter.


I wish I was a lesbian. You guys get to have sex, like, all the time and never get pregnant. Such a good deal,” says the blonde sister in the trailer for Grace McLeod’s Under the Table. The upcoming film pays distinct homage to the recognizable style of a Wes Anderson film—colorful scenes that bleed into the dark narrative of comically dysfunctional characters. McLeod’s film declares itself a “short comedy about lesbians, mashed potatoes and a (reluctant) modern family.”

“The characters in the film are so used to brushing life’s uncomfortable realities under the table and out of sight that their attempts at confronting real emotion are just as comical as they are heartbreaking,” says McLeod, noting the beauty in open dialogue, even if you’re saying “all the wrong things.”


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