Amnesty International blasts Kuwait’s ‘gay detector test’

Airport security with flights to Middle East

(Photo: Yasser Al-Zayyat/AFP/Getty Images)


Amnesty International, the worldwide human rights organization, has called a request from a senior Kuwaiti health official to introduce a “gay detector test” in airports “outrageous” and urge its rejection. The proposal would add a new, required test to the existing medical assessments, which would be designed to keep LGBT emigrants out of Gulf Corporation Countries.

“Kuwait is one of 78 countries that has made being LGBT a crime, and now this discriminatory mindset is being applied to the country’s immigration system where it unfairly targets migrant workers,” added Murray. “We have seen international public outcry about Uganda and Russia’s treatment of LGBT people, and we should expect the world to stand in solidarity with LGBT people, in Kuwait or wherever they are, ” said Ross Murray, director of Religion, Faith, and Values at GLAAD.


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