After student protests, university rejects Chick-fil-A

rainbow chicken

An image that made its way around the internet in the aftermath of the much publicized Chick-fil-A, anti-gay marriage controversy last year.

Think Progress

Emory University is in Atlanta, Georgia, just 20 miles from the Chick-fil-A corporate headquarters. Since the full extent of Chick-fi-A’s anti-gay beliefs and giving fully came to light last summer, student leaders protested the continued presence of a franchise in the campus’s food court. In December, even the Student Government Association passed a resolution opposing Chick-fil-A. Ultimately, campus administrators issued a thoughtful statement acknowledging the stigma attached to the company, but explaining it was not grounds to cancel the contract. The students vowed not to back down, and now it seems Chick-fil-A will not be coming back to campus next year.

According to a tweet from Emory Wheel, the student newspaper, Chick-fil-A has beenremoved from the food court as part of its new layout. It is a victory for LGBT students, who will no longer have to encounter a glowing symbol of anti-gay prejudice as they partake in lunch on campus.

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