Advice: Should I tell my girlfriend I plan to cheat?

Women in bed with their backs to each otherBY MICHAEL RADKOWSKY
Washington Blade

Dear Michael,

I met my wife, Kim, in college eight years ago and she was my first girlfriend. We have a very good marriage, but sex has gotten to be less exciting than it once was.

Through my work, I’ve met Margo. I like her as a friend, but even more than that, I’ve been feeling increasingly attracted to her. I thought she was straight, but a few weeks ago she told me that she thinks I’m hot, which was pretty cool to hear.

I want to stay married to Kim: we have a lot in common, great friends, a home, two dogs and dreams for our future. But I’m really tempted to sleep with Margo. On the plus side, I think it would be very exciting and add some badly needed spice to my life. Kim is the only woman I’ve ever been with. On the minus side, Kim is very clear that she wants a monogamous relationship. But I don’t see how my sleeping with Margo would be some big detriment to my life with Kim, and in fact I think I would be happier (and therefore a better wife) if I had better sex.

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One Response to “Advice: Should I tell my girlfriend I plan to cheat?”

  1. Lissa

    You should break up with her. Instead of being selfish. You can’t really say you love her anymore or this would not be an issue. Flat out you’re a cheater not worth having around. Sorry !


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