Activism, education used to strengthen LGBT rights

Abe Louise Young and Madeleine LimBY SHERYL KAY

Abe Louise Young says her life has always been about creative writing, listening, loving oral history and other people’s stories. Over the last 15 years, Young has worked with youth, queer elders, educators, activists and communities in crisis. Writing and publishing her own poetry and essays, she says, is integral to that work, “just like teaching and activism are totally intertwined.”

The great recurring theme in Young’s work is the advancement of communication and bringing generations together. A recent example is the guide she wrote last year, entitled “Queer Youth Advice for Educators: How to Respect and Protect Your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students.” “Any one of us can be a bridge between the generations and connect the ends of that precious thread,” she says.

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