A winter preparedness plan for your pet

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The holidays and winter can be fun for you and your pets. However, when pets are included in holiday celebrations, they can also be chaotic times, filled with many dangers. Emergency visits to veterinary clinics spike during this time of year because of common, but preventable, illnesses and accidents. Because we all know that family gatherings can be stressful sometimes, here are a few tips to help keep your pets happy and healthy, while you remain worry-free. With careful planning, your pet can have a safe and fun season, too!

Monitor your pet’s mobility. Pets are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite, just like us, and must be protected from extreme temperatures. This is especially important for very young, sick, and very old pets. Also, older pets are more prone to arthritis—which worsens in cold temperatures — and can be more at risk of slipping on ice when walking. If your senior pet shows signs of lameness, is limping, is moving slowly up or down stairs, or is having difficulty when trying to jump, please consult your veterinarian for evaluation and options that can improve your pet’s comfort.

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