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Big Book of DominationBY ZOE AMOS

Aphrodite, fuel my desire so I may burn with the pleasures of love! How I long to caress voluptuous women, their firm, round breasts exposed above draped tunics, enticing me to avail myself of their hidden treasures. Ah, how poetic, the gentle seduction of women ripe for the picking.

The goddess of love and beauty could easily be a muse for an erotic story set within a sun-splashed Greek garden filled with vases, greenery and naked statuary. Alas! I live in the United States where bedroom adventures tend to include painted walls, last week’s sheets and the sound of the neighbor’s barking dog; all excellent reasons to turn toward, as Monty Python announced, “And now for something completely different!” What is this? “The Big Book of Domination,” a collection of erotic fantasies edited by D.L.King.

I’m all for Greek gardens, but some days (or nights) nothing but the indelicate will do. The whips, ties, leathers, lubes, commands, and cries for mercy are far removed from some people’s norm. Whether it’s a lifestyle or a few hours pleasure, there is something wickedly erotic about BDSM that its proponents don’t share in polite company and precisely why this book, which you can read in the privacy of your own chamber, is just the thing to get your juices flowing.

Need I mention my own story “Madame Tuesday” is included in this wonderful collection? While some take their BDSM very seriously, I’ve presented it with dark humor. A contradiction? Not at all. There’s plenty of delicious forceful action between the domme and her female client, and there’s nothing like a little “levity” (read the story to understand the double entendre) to break up the gravity of BDSM.

I’m not sure why the lesbian domme is commonly found in the world of BDSM, but why bother with the why? Whether you relate more to the domme or to the woman (or man) receiving an afternoon of pleasure is beside the point. There will not be a quiz afterward. You may keep your fantasies to yourself. And if these stories whet your appetite, imagine what else might get wet!

Read on and you will discover other scenarios sure to entice. Everyone’s tastes vary and part of the fun is to find which stories will tap into an undiscovered corner of your libido. Be open to something completely different. To be fair, Monty Python’s skits included innuendo and teasing, nothing like the bold action represented in this compilation published by Cleis. D.L. King’s selections are top notch. Men and women, doms and dommes, two-somes, three-somes, there’s a little bit of everything within the theme, and with almost 300 pages of quality writing and over two dozen short stories, you are sure to see some of your favorite authors.

You may choose to harbor your desires in secret, but why not share the love? Get the book. Read a story to your lover and discover what happens next. You are bound to be bound with excitement!

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