A jet-setter’s guide to the best lesbian bars around the world

New Year's Eve revelers at Atlanta's My Sister's Room

New Year’s Eve revelers at Atlanta’s My Sister’s Room


Wherever one travels, it’s always nice to feel as though you’re among friends. For lesbians, it’s sometimes difficult to find a welcoming bar or club when jet-setting around the world.

In order to help you follow the rainbow wherever you may roam, Lesbian.com compiled this list of some of the best gay and lesbian bars from around the world. Not all are “lesbian-only” but they are “lesbian-welcoming.”

We’ve provided website links wherever available and a brief description for the bars that aren’t conveniently found on the web.

Sydney — Sly Fox Enmore

Montreal — Le Drugstore

London — Ruby Tuesdays

Paris — Rosa Bonheur

Paris — Les Taulières

Rome — Garbo
Garbo’s is a small gay cocktail bar in the Travestere district which attracts young LGBT locals and tourists. Garbo’s offers good music and food and a selection of beers, cocktails and wines.

Florence — BK Bar

Juarez — Living
Ultra-modern and upscale, Living is a chic nightlife spot playing popular club tunes in a slightly more sophisticated atmosphere, attracting Mexico’s upper class and LGBT travelers seeking a nightclub with a bit more of a worldly edge.

Mexico City — Butterflies
A traditional Mexican gay club located in a huge warehouse, playing the best dance music (English and Spanish pop) and offering some of the most professional drag and strip shows in Mexico.

Amsterdam — Vivelavie

Amsterdam — Cafe Bordó

Barcelona — Aire – Sala Diana

Atlanta — My Sister’s Room

San Francisco — The Lexington Club

Seattle — The Wildrose Bar and Restaurant

St. Louis — Novak’s

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  1. Vic Heacock

    You can’t miss out on Saturday nights at The Honey Pot in Ybor City (Tampa, FL).


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