A field guide to knowing you’re a lesbian


One of the worst parts about the Pretty Little Liars hiatus is that we don’t get our weekly dose of queer wisdom from our beloved Emily Fields, so we’ve decided to spend some time during the off-season revisiting the lessons we’ve already learned from Rosewood’s most beloved lesbian lady. First up: Emily Fields’ Field Guide to Knowing You’re a Lesbian.

field guide to being a lesbian

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2 Responses to “A field guide to knowing you’re a lesbian”

  1. Cecilia

    All indication boils down to the fact that i am gay . Its rather a pity i find myself in a country where u will go to 14yrs in jail with hard labour cos u expressed your emotions. Am stocked up here.suicide attempted.

    • Bob

      Is there a possibility you could move? If not, please consider calling a suicide hotline or seeking professional help. No one deserves to feel oppressed or suicidal.


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