12 not-explicitly-lesbian shows lesbians love


Here’s a tip: Only mention you’re making a list of Top 12 Unexpected Yet Essential Lesbian TV Shows if you have about three hours to kill. Nothing like the topic to make a dyke nostalgic. And opinionated. Yes, I know you loved The Facts of Life. Let me guess, Jo, right? Motorcycle jacket, tough attitude, she was everything you only sort hoped you’d become. Cagney and Lacey? Before my time, but yeah, I’ve thought of it — two deep-voiced women, lots of guns. And Xena, of course. My girlfriend still loves to wax poetic about her weekly ritual: riding her bike to a friend’s apartment to watch that show. Once, clad in pajama bottoms and a bandana, she was shot at, her headwear mistaken for gang paraphernalia, which it kind of was — Lesbian For Life, Yo.

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