TomboyX: Clothing for women like us

Brand ambassador Traci Dinwiddie (Photo via

Brand ambassador Traci Dinwiddie (Photo via


Lesbians take note: TomboyX is changing the face of fashion.

With a no-compromises, all-authentic attitude, Tomboy X seeks to fill the void between clothes that are traditionally feminine and masculine.

They’re “creating and curating women’s clothing and accessories inspired by menswear style,” says co-founder and CEO Fran Dunaway. The brand is another addition to the increasing number of companies catering to women whose needs aren’t being readily met in the mainstream market.

Tomboy X model

Pictured: TomboyX Collection Maggie Blazer – Chocolate, TomboyX Swag – PE T-Shirt, Lucky Dog Leather Accessories, Foster Weld Recession Belt, BedStu Grand Canyon Bag, BedStu Lita Oxfords – Tan, Darn Tough Crew Light Stripe Sock – Denim, Coal Going To Jackson Hat – Blue Oxford, Coal Landon Hat – Multi Color  (Photo via

Excitingly, there are lots of amazing clothiers popping up with masculine-of-center women (and trans*men) in mind. The difference is that many of these companies are, essentially, designing menswear cut for different bodies. TomboyX, however, is making womenswear inspired by menswear. Dunaway says they’re looking to reach that middle ground: the fashionable embodiment of the tomboy spirit.

And what exactly is the TomboyX spirit? Just ask brand ambassadors actress Traci Dinwiddie (Elena Undone) and musician Catie Curtis.

Curtis says, “I sometimes feel like an impostor in the women’s department, with its frills, flowers and bows, while men’s clothes don’t fit me either. I’m so grateful to discover (and spread the gospel of) TomboyX, where the clothing is made for women like me!”

Their site offers a boutique experience, where women looking for clothes and accessories that really suit their style can finally do some one-stop shopping. From belts and boots to shoulder bags, blazers to briefs, they have an assortment from casual to dressy.

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