The Top 25 Hot Lesbian Movie List

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Everybody loves a love story. The A-Z list below is by no means definitive but here’s our recommended selection of some of the hottest — new and classic — lesbian romance movies we know. Go ahead and watch the trailers to create your own must-see list and then click the links to buy the DVDs from You can also click through on select titles to watch them now on streaming and download right here at the Movies section. Whether you’re looking for classics like Desert Hearts and When Night is Falling or hoping to discover new films like Liz in September, Tru Love and All About E — there’s a great range of films here. Enjoy.

All About E

Better Than Chocolate

Blue is the Warmest Color


Charismatic young actresses Nikohl Boosheri and Sarah Kazemy immerse us in the experience of two teenage girls navigating the wild Iranian underground scene as they grapple with their attraction for one another against the backdrop of an impossibly homophobic society. Maryam Keshavarz’s terrific lesbian drama has been getting rave reviews everywhere since its Sundance premiere. A truly must-see movie.

4 Responses to “The Top 25 Hot Lesbian Movie List”

  1. Gail Bell

    All about e is the best lesbian movie I’ve seen, I saw it 4 times and then bought the dvs and the amazing soundtrack! Absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend it and can tell you (because I met them) the writer and producer are amazing women!

  2. Suzi

    Better than chocolate my personal favorite plus Bound and Imagine you and me.

  3. dotti Henderson

    Hello, my name is Dotti Henderson. I love the movie Better than Chocolate.
    How Maggies Mom comes to live with her. and all she has is chocolates, because
    as they say After 40 years old its like 60 percent of getting married, so after fifty watch out..

    Then she finds out Maggie is a lesbian. Her reaction is so surprising. You have to watch rent or buy this movie.

    Oh by the way, just tossing this in. I have written a short Lesbian Love Story
    called Veronica’s Challenge, by me Dotti Henderson. It’s about a woman
    names Veronica and she works in an aquarium, training dolphins and sea Lions Check it out if any one is interested. I am still working on a website.
    Just check out some of the story And another part of my love story, Veronica has a accident and meets her Nurse Tess. Which changing both their lives.. I hope it was okay that a wrote a small part of my book.


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