Zukerman announces pledge campaign for ‘Come Thief, Come Fire’

Natalia ZukermanBY CANDY PARKER

Natalia Zukerman’s new studio album is finally here – sort of.

All the tracks for “Come Thief, Come Fire” have been recorded and Zukerman is anxious to unveil her 7th studio album, but there’s still some work to do! So, the talented singer/songwriter launched a very creative pledge campaign to help fund some of the remaining efforts – creating album artwork, producing the CD, pressing vinyl, publicizing the release and pulling together a band for the supporting tour.

“Come Thief, Come Fire” features nine tracks (eight originals and a cover of Robby Hecht’s “The Light is Gone”) and collaborative writing efforts from Erin McKeown and AG. There’s even a guest appearance by Zukerman’s dad, Pinchas Zukerman, and step-mom, Amanda Forsyth, as well as Willy Porter, Meghan Toohey and Abbie Gardner.

By pledging to support the release of “Come Thief, Come Fire” donors will be able to see sneak peeks of the making of the album, hear tracks and see the videos before anyone else. The campaign also features a novel component, about which Zukerman is very excited.

“This is my first ever real-deal funding campaign and I’m really proud to say that there’s a component that feels creative, integrative, collaborative and, dare I say, innovative,” said Zukerman in a release announcing the pledge campaign. “There is a virtual gallery filled with paintings I’ve made based on the songs on the record. You can come into this space and see the gallery as it changes throughout the course of the campaign. That’s cool. But you can also chat with one another, leave comments and talk to me from time to time. In short, you can connect to other humans in real time. What a concept!”

The campaign also offers donors an opportunity to receive some incredibly special rewards. Funding levels offer a range of rewards including digital downloads of “Come Thief, Come Fire,” original paintings by Zukerman, a house concert and even an commissioned song.

Check out Zukerman’s video introducing the pledge campaign for “Come Thief, Come Fire” and visit the campaign site and virtual gallery go show your support!

Come Thief, Come Fire: Natalia Zukerman from Jen Lee on Vimeo.

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