Work worries: Is it a job or a career?

Businesswomen at BreakfastBY PAULA GREGOROWICZ

Do you want a job or a career?

A job is simply a place you go or thing you do in order to bring in money to support your financial needs and desires. It doesn’t turn you on, you don’t bounce out of bed thrilled to be fulfilling a higher purpose, there is no overarching vision to it, and you simply exchange an activity/skill for money.

A career on the other hand has much more to it. In the best cases it is a vocation tied to your life’s work. You derive meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment from being able to work in a profession that has an impact on the world at large in some way. You derive personal growth, challenge, and purpose from your pursuit. Yes, it also meets the definition of a job since you do trade activity and skills for money, but you have far more of yourself invested in it than just time and money.

So, which do you really want?


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