Women in charge: Gender disparities in American politics

Where are the women in politics?BY ALDEN WICKER

Women hold just 18.1% of congressional seats, 23.4% of statewide elected positions,  24% of state legislative positions and 12% of mayorships in the 100 largest U.S. cities. It was seen as cataclysmic last fall when 20 women headed to the Senate. So no, girls do not run the world. And a new report from American University titled, “Girls Just Wanna Not Run” tries to figure out why.

By the time they reach college, young women have often already lost any interest they might have had in a political career. Like with other gender disparities, the reasons are complex, but come down to a mixture of unconscious biases, socialization and the ego gap between men and women. Researchers came up with five main reasons.

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