Why People Prefer Online Slots To Casinos

There has been a very noticeable shift in the way people like to gamble over the last two decades, and that is pretty much all to do with this little thing we like to call the Internet. Originally devised as a tool for the US army, the Internet was in its infancy during the cold war, and for a long time remained a tool that only the most privileged could use. It was during the 1990s, however, that the Internet really began to become the all-consuming thing that it is today. The main thing it has done is enable near constant communication between people from other sides of the earth, and, indeed, enable an almost infinite number of business to thrive and prosper. There’s something else the Internet is responsible for too… the emergence of online slots, one of the most exciting developments to ever hit the gambling industry.

Oh yes, the creation of online slots definitely peaked interest in a variety of people, from avid slot gamblers to software engineers looking for a new challenge. In just less than two decades the online slot industry has gone from a rather experimental space for innovative developers to see what they can do on the new platform, morphing into an absolutely huge international multi-million market. Indeed, online slots from Wizardslots.com are so good that they have pretty much replaced the art of casino slot gambling, with more than ten times the amount of gamblers now doing all of their reel spinning online. It has well and truly changed the way that the gambling industry operates, absolutely no arguing with that. But why is it exactly that so many people prefer playing online slots these days instead of the traditional casino slots? Well, read ahead for a lowdown.

Much More Practical Nature
The first thing to say about online slots in relation to their older casino counterparts is the fact that they are so much easier to play. Just think about it: in order to sit at a traditional slot machine you have to leave your house, find a reputable casino or bar and then actually go there. Playing an online slot, in comparison, can literally be done from the comfort of your own home – you don’t have to move an inch! It is this that has compelled a lot of people to make the jump online, especially those of us who don’t live anywhere near an actual casino. It’s all very well being a Las Vegas native preaching about the specialness of playing on a real slot machine, but what about people anywhere else eh?
In recent years online slots have gotten even more practical too, with the emergence of mobile casino meaning that people can now spin the reels on their smartphones. And you know what that means, don’t you? Oh yes, now you can play your favourite slot games at pretty much any time you fancy, even under the desk at work! By now it should be getting pretty clear that the added practicality that online slots bring to the table is a crucial part of why they are so popular. There are, however, a lot more reasons!

Incredible Aesthetics
Another huge reason for the dominance of online slots in the 21st Century is the fact that, by and large, these games look a lot nicer than their physical machine cousins. Video slots first came about in the 1980s and gave a good idea of where the industry was headed in terms of slot graphics, but surely nobody expected a result as good as the online slots of 2019. Developers such as NetEnt and Inspired Gaming have put a lot of effort into making sure the graphics of their slots are constantly improving in a move that has closely aligned the slots industry with the wider world of video gaming.
Some slots these days can genuinely rival things like PlayStation or Xbox in terms of aesthetics, a fact that has attracted far more players to the cause. Furthermore, the industry is always innovating too, for instance 3D graphics are now widespread across a vast variety of slots. Next on the agenda for developers are virtual reality slots, something we really cannot wait for!

Expansive Bonus Features
In many ways traditional slot machines are constrained by their form – there is only so much you can put in one of these units after all. The same is not true of the online slots industry, where developers are free to go as crazy as they want with their bonus features. Just consider the scintillating slot from Inspired Gaming Centurion, for example, a title that has four distinct bonus rounds that look more like genuine mini-games than slot bonus features.
Expansive bonus features have become a hallmark of the online slots industry, and this is especially good news for us gamblers because it invariably makes it a lot easier to win big as well.

On Average Much More Lucrative
By now it must be clear that there are far more gamblers trying their luck on the online slots, and this means that there is also naturally a lot more money in the market too. As well as resulting in slot developers putting more effort into their games, this also means that there is a lot more money to be made – the more people gambling, the more money developers can afford to give away.

Constant Innovation On The Part Of Developers
The extreme popularity of the online slots market also means that it is a very competitive place for developers, something that is fantastic news for us gamblers. It means that these companies are trying as hard as they can to attract new players to their games, and the only way to do that is to make sure that their slots are better than the rest. Consequently we are left with an ever increasing number of truly amazing slot games – if that’s not a reason to prefer online slots we’re really not sure what is!

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