What’s Your Problem? Cathy DeBuono with Traci Dinwiddie

Actress and therapist Cathy DeBuono sits with filmmaker Jane Clark and actress Traci Dinwiddie. Cathy was an associate producer on a film called “The Touch” written and directed by Jane and starring Traci, about a lesbian poet in the early 19th century by the name of Renee Vivien and her love affair with the wife of a Turkish diplomat.

The three women talk about how they all came to work together on this film, the casting process, Traci’s audition in particular and how Renee’s battle with alcoholism and anorexia brought them all to the vlog today.

They take on viewer issues of self destructive behavior such as drug use, cutting and eating disorders. A little more somber than other episodes of What’s YOUR Problem?, this episode offers us a glimpse into the personal lives of Jane and Traci, and Cathy raises questions and offers direction for the writer’s of these letters to explore.

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