Eye candy? Our top 5 hot lesbian Instagram accounts

Best lesbian instagramBY NATASIA LANGFELDER

Checking Instagram has become as habitual as checking email. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through a sea of brunch and baby pics, try following these hotties to give yourself a pick-me-up whenever you open the app.

Lisa Cramer
Follow @ladyluck278

Lisa Cramer is a married lady and photographer who posts beautiful pics of her and her partner to Instagram on the regular. Seeing a happy queer couple in my insta news feed always brightens my day.

Mickey Pancake aka Becky Holladay
Follow @Mickeypancake

Becky Holladay is a professional model who is known for androgynous good looks. Whether you want to steal Holladay’s swag or make out with hir, you’ll enjoy the #boiswagger.

Whitney Mixter
Follow @whitneymixterla

I had to include a “Real L Word” alum on this list! Whitney was the star of the series as the heart throb stud who everyone wanted to throw their panties at. Whitney narrowly beat out Romi Klinger (@romimarieray), whose instagram is full of thinly veiled drama. Whitney’s records her happy post-show life with Sada and their millions of dogs.

Lesbian Fun House
Follow @lesbianfunhouse

Lesbian Fun House has over 26,000 followers. Started by a lesbian couple, @demidekruijf & @storyofhelen, to showcase that “love has no gender,” the account features tons of queer women who want to connect with other women on IG.

Follow @boiculture

Boi culture provides a steady stream of hot, androgynous and MOC dudes. Our media bombards us everyday with the “ideal” of what biological females should look like. Step outside that mindset with boi culture.

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  1. jassie

    thanks for this. I am now following all of them, only @lesbianfunhouse link isn’t working 🙁


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