Turn it up: Spinning discs with queer DJs

JD Samson, right. BY CHLOË

DJs are the new rockstars, according to DJs. With EDM and Dubstep influences infiltrating virtually all popular music genres (indie/hip-hop/pop) and molly in abundant supply, there’s nothing my generation enjoys more than kicking back at a good old fashioned rave—or the closest available substitute. Like all musicians, DJs can good, bad, epic, tragic, and anywhere in between. Lesbian audiences may embrace any hot dyke on a podium (I know I do), but industry experts are often skeptical of DJs who simply press play and posture. “Doesn’t every lesbian with a snapback and a glow stick think iTunes autoplay qualifies as a DJ set?” Gidget, a Hollywood music consultant, asks me with the exasperation of a young Andy Rooney. “But I look fabulous in a snapback,” I protest weakly.

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