Top 10 ways not to kill your partner while traveling


We knew that traveling together for a year would be the ultimate test of our relationship. We joked about this make-it-or-break-it situation. Now engaged, we know that this journey has only made us stronger. But, the truth is that we fought a ton right before leaving and during our first month traveling.

It was a big change to shift from our independent daily routines at home to spending nearly 24/7 with one another (not to mention dealing with the stress of travel). But since then, we’ve made some changes in our relationship. Here are some ways we’ve managed not to kill one another…

10) Define Roles: Our biggest conflicts came from us two control freaks trying to do too much with all hands in everything. I hated every moment learning HTML to update the website. Jenni grew frustrated writing press releases. We learned to leverage our strengths. As a social worker, I’m a natural networker. I become in charge of finding the Supergays, spreading the word about our website, and handling public relations. Coming from the tech world, Jenni had the best skills to create the videos, manage photography and video data, and create our website. We now have a better appreciation for each other’s unique skills, and we stick to the things that we’re best at.

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Lisa Dazols is a licensed clinical social worker who is in her tenth year in HIV services. She and her partner Jenni traveled all over the world meeting the LGBT community for their OutandAround blog project, which is now being made into a documentary.

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