Theater review: ‘Amaluna’ radiates feminine power

Scene from Cirque Du Soleil's AmalunaBY HEATHER CASSELL

This isn’t Avalon, but it’s another world ruled by Goddesses and full of magic. It’s “Amaluna,” the latest hit in Cirque Du Soleil’s sachet of whimsical wonders, borrows a bit from Shakespeare’s “Tempest” and mother earth myths in a wonderous show that shouldn’t be missed.

The story begins with Queen Prospera, played by Julie McInnes, performing a ritual for her daughter, Miranda’s, played by Iuliia Mykhailov, coming-of-age ceremony. Prospera conjures a storm that causes a wayward ship of men to crash upon the shores of the magical island. One of the passengers is Prince Romeo, played by Evgeny Kurkin, who Miranda falls in love with, just as Romeo’s manservant the comical Jeeves and Miranda’s childhood nurse Deede who become smitten with each other and create their own love nest in the forest.


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