Jenny’s Wedding to Premiere at Outfest

11720438_660579617124_1854113469_nBY FRANCESCA LEWIS

If, like me, you’ve been filled with giddy anticipation since last March’s Indiegogo campaign to see dream couple Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel don their white dresses, the wait is about to be over! Jenny’s Wedding premieres this week at LA’s Outfest.

Written , directed and co-produced by professional tearjerker Mary Agnes Donoghue (Beaches, White Oleander), who based this passion project (loosely) on the experience of her real life niece Jenny, the film is a family drama about a secretly gay woman, who has been living with her partner under the guise of “roommates” for some time. When the two decide to get married, Jenny has to break the news to her ordinary conservative family, who don’t exactly know how to react. With rom com sweetheart Katherine Heigl and TV icon Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore!) cast as the central couple, and the incomparable Tom Wilkinson as Jenny’s father, the film is set to be an instant classic.

The world premiere of Jenny’s Wedding screens at LA’s Outfest this Friday July 11th. Check out the trailer below:


Francesca Lewis is a queer feminist writer from Yorkshire, UK. She writes for Curve Magazine and The Human Experience as well as writing short fiction and working on a novel. Her ardent love of American pop culture is matched only by her passion for analyzing it completely to death.


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