The Human Experience wants to talk about labels


Dyke, pansexual, genderqueer, bi, trans*, grandma, mother, asian, black, white, hispanic, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, freelance writer, filmmaker, fat, introvert, beautiful, ugly — labels, we’re assigned them at birth, some we claim for our own and others society propels on us. These labels, whether we welcome them or not, impact our human experience. The Human Experience (T.H.E.), a new online queer publication, is launching a writing campaign to showcase the diversity of the human experience.

If a lesbian sleeps with a man, does that revoke her lesbian status? If a bisexual woman is dating a man, does that make her straight? If she’s dating a woman, does that make her a lesbian? Can we change someone’s identity by imposing labels on them? T.H.E. wants to showcase the diversity of the human experience by having you submit yours. They want you to write about who you are beyond your labels, and they want to know what your labels mean to you.

To learn more about T.H.E. writing campaign, click here, and to learn how to submit your human experience and enter the giveaway, join the I Am The Human Experience Facebook event (click here to join).

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