The changing face of LGBT politics

Lesbian couple files lawsuit to stop same-sex couple deportationBY SANDERS DEIONNE

Openly gay and lesbian candidates are blazing the trail for LGBT involvement in politics. Mark Takano became the first openly LGBT person of color in Congress. Kyrsten Sinema became the first out bisexual elected to congress. Tim Brown became the only openly LGBT Republican state lawmaker in the US. 

Vice-President of Communications at the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which works to elect LGBT candidates to office, Denis Dison, acknowledged that although sexual orientation has become less of a controversial issue for candidates, there is still an immense need for LGBT representation in politics.  “We are still not well represented,” he said. “The goal of getting people elected at the local, state, and federal level is to speed up progress, especially in places where equality is coming slower. LA and San Francisco have more equality, but this is not true for all areas of the country.”


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