The attack on Gay/Straight Alliances

Ten inspiring gay-straight alliancesBY STEVE WILLIAMS

Why do school officials continue to believe they can block LGBT students and their supportive peers from forming Gay/Straight Alliances? It’s a salient question given that, it seems, this kind of denial of rights is still happening and with alarming frequency. Legislation can only go so far. School boards must have the courage to stand up or this issue will persist while LGBT kids continue to feel marginalized and discriminated against.

The Student Non Discrimination Act (SNDA), recently re-introduced by Rep. Jared Polis, would enumerate sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in federal bullying legislation. It would also serve to further emphasize that students cannot be prevented from forming GSAs and similar clubs. The legislation also has Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) as a chief sponsor, and has in the past shared significant Republican support.


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