Teacher claims she was fired for helping LGBTQ students

Teacher fired for expressing favor for same-sex marriageBY STEVE WILLIAMS

A lesbian school teacher from California is suing her former school claiming her contract was not renewed because she helped LGBTI students speak out about harassment perpetrated by other teachers. Julia Frost, together with Lambda Legal filed the suit in California Superior Court this week claiming that Hesperia Unified School District and officials at Sultana High School chose not to renew her contract of employment because she had helped LGBTI students speak out over claims of harassment. Frost also alleges that, even before her intervention, school officials created a hostile work environment because of her sexual orientation. For its part, the Hesperia district is denying the claims made in the 109 page suit, saying that Frost was lawfully fired. Frost says this has nothing to do with personal gain but everything to do with the hostile environment she says LGBTI students and teachers are being subjected to at Sultana High School.

Frost’s suit claims she became a particular target for the school’s administration when she helped a student lodge a complaint against a teacher who the student alleges told her to “take the gay headband off” and repeatedly used the phrase “that’s so gay” in a disparaging way. The suit says the student was interrogated about where she got the complaint form, which Frost had printed out for the student.

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