Survey: LGBT community prefers news from LGBT sources

Lesbian news media!

Your friendly neighborhood lesbian news site.


LGBT media consumers tend to turn to LGBT blogs and websites more than large cable networks or other mainstream news outlets.  The 2013 LGBT Community Survey from Community Market 7 Insights (CMI) polled over 30,000 LGBT individuals from over 100 countries on their media consumption habits. As indicated by eMarketer, 67 percent of gay men and 58 percent of lesbians had visited LGBT websites and blogs within the week before completing the survey.

Network television and cable were marked as the second most popular information source for LGBT consumers. 65 percent of gay men and 57 percent of lesbian women tune into their TVs for their news fix. Mainstream websites and blogs takes the third place spot for LGBT consumers, with 57 percent of gay men and 46 percent of lesbians turning to these sites as their main information source; 55 percent of gay men and 46 percent of lesbians also rely on mainstream newspapers.


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