Summers are spectacularly scrumptious in Seattle

Pride flag atop the Seattle Space NeedleBY The Seattle Lesbian

The Order Muppet of Out Abroad, Ky Ventura, is off to Peru. Her days are filled with Incan adventures, beer sampling, jungle hiking, finding nuggety places to sleep, ceviche, making monkey friends and learning inappropriate words at language school. Meanwhile, I’m holding down the gay fort Stateside. Normally I’d be in a cloud of travel envy, but right now I’m summering the shit out of this place and well, Seattle is a mighty fine place to celebrate summer.

Everyone knows we have garbage winters. Seattle’s a soggy, dark, dreary place from about November to March. And even after that we’re still sporting rain jackets and complaining loudly through May. During all that time we’re clinging to one thought: days overloaded with sunshine. Pacific Northwest summers aren’t terribly hot (we rarely break 90 degrees). We have virtually no humidity. And they’re mosquito-free. As our badass local meteorologist (heck yes we’ve got one and his weather blog is of the sexy/smart sort) Cliff Mass puts it in a recent post: “Seattle is a meteorological heaven during the summer months.” We couldn’t agree more.


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