Shelley Doty transcends genres with ‘Strange Frame’

Shelley Doty

Shelley Doty (Photo: Julie Zielinski)


The genre of science fiction has always attracted lesbians in one way or another. Maybe it’s the smart, sexy women clad in skintight uniforms or perhaps because it offers an alternative view of the world where gender equality was possible, far before is time. “Strange Frame: Love and Sax,” a groundbreaking full-length animated sci-fi lesbian musical created by out musician Shelley Doty and director G.B. Hajim has earned stellar reviews and was even awarded the Best Feature Film at Dragon*Con in 2012.

“Strange Frame” is set in the 28th century on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, where humans, who long since evacuated Earth have modified themselves to the point of making skin color and sex organs into fashion statements. The story revolves around two musicians, Parker and Naia, and their struggle to keep their careers and relationship afloat. Fate and fame intervene and both women are forced to test themselves and each other. The result is a dreamlike tale that is thought provoking and utterly unforgettable.

Star-crossed lovers in a sci-fi fantasy film.

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